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Looking for ways to clear out your closet to make room for your new bag? Take a peek at these ideas for reusing all of your old ones.

Don't just throw them away! We in the VVV Bag Universe are too smart to throw away useful things! Send it back to me to be reworked, shred it up for pet bedding, or cut it up for rags. The possibilities are limitlless. Check out the list below for more ideas.

1) Embellish, paint or decoupage it to change up the look or cover up wear.

2) Donate it 

3) Reuse the leather to make earrings or bracelets

4) Hand it down to the dress-up box

5 )Use it for storage or organizing

6) Use it to hang clothes pins in the laundry room

7) Use it to make a first aid / emergency supply kit for the car

8) Use it on a hook behind a door for storage that doesn't take up cubbard or shelf space

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