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Want to become a wardrobe activist, and craft a sustainable closet?

Whether you have just started to realize the implications that fast-fashion can have for the environment, or have been a-think-before-you-buy shopper for a long-time, there are many simple impact minimizing actions you can easily take to make a change.


There are several ways to engage the wardrobe activist within you that cause minimal disruption to your life.

First and foremost, think before you buy. As a retailer, it seems counter-intuitive for me to point this out, but it makes too much sense to avoid mentioning! Next, buy second-hand or repurposed items. Next, take care of the things you already own.

Read on for more ideas on becoming a thoughtful consumer of fashion.


Think before you buy.

Do you really need it?

Is there a more sustainable option?

Buy second hand goods.

Does this item need to be new?

Will pre-owned work just as well?

Take Care of items you already own.

Take care in laundering, make repairs, and tailor items to make them work.

Pay attention to past wardrobe mistakes.

Do you have 5 black leather purses in your closet already that you don't wear? Do you find you never grab your hand-bags opting instead for a cross-body everyday? Be mindful of information you can glean from your prior shopping experiences.


Give items you never use a new lease on life by releasing them back into the wild. What doesn't work for you any more may be just the ticket for someone else!

Avoid Microplastics and other items that are potentially harmful to the environment.

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